Private Works
traditional and digital media


2008-2010 Covers and Concepts
digital and mixed techniques



2005-2007 Stormregion
7thAge Preproduction
PC / PS3 / Xbox360, TPS, Koch Media -

Concept Artist
Codename: Panzers, Cold
PC, RTS, Atari 2009
Concept Artist
Rush For the Bomb
PC, RTS, Deepsilver 2007

Concept Artist
Rush For Berlin
PC, RTS, Deepsilver 2006
Concept Artist
Codename: Panzers Phase 2
PC, RTS, CDV 2005
Concept Artist



2004-2005 Appaloosa Interactive
JAWS Unleashed
PC / PS2 / XBox, Action, Majesco 2006
Lead Concept Artist

2003 KLX InterActiveVision
Airport Tycoon III.
PC, Tycoon, Global Star Software 2003
Art Director


1999-2002 Appaloosa Interactive
Ecco: Defender of the Future
Dreamcast / PS2 / GBA, Action,
Sega 2000-2002
Additional work for the prototypes
of Ecco II.
Tiny Tank, HotWheels, BallCart etc.
Concept Artist




Codex P&P RPG
Design, Book Covers, Illustrations
Nitor Books 1998-
Art Director, Co-Owner



Walhalla Books
Art Director, Illustrations
Rúna Magazine/fantasy section
Art Director, Illustrations
Various fantasy/sci-fi/cyberpunk Novels
Cover Artist



Ogilvy and Mather,

Freelancer for Advertising Companies
Desktop Publishing, Airbrush Illustrations



Magazine Illustrator 
First Illustrations for the best-selling Hungarian
Science-Fiction Magazine